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I have always liked houses with views. Large windows that look out on expanses of land or trees always make me feel incredibly happy. Don’t tell anyone but it used to be one of the reasons I liked going to visit granddad. The train ride there was a joy in itself but actually being there was the best. It felt like being in paradise.

In these times it’s probably even more valuable to be surrounded by all that space and nature. No neighbours with houses tacked on right next to yours, nope. Just fields and dusty roads that lead up to the next house in the distance ahead. A space with might have been filled with at least ten houses if not fifteen in town spaces.

Trompe Loeil’s current build takes so much advantage of all it’s floor to ceiling windows which all face out onto a platformed area with a gorgeous swimming pool. I got to decorating just one room but I thought Hakei’s furniture would really suit it. The items are from Sanarae along with a few others peppered through the room.

Yes, this is your last call for the current round of Sanarae. If you haven’t been or like me are loosing track of your life slowly, I’m here to remind you, you have today and tomorrow left. Another event featured in today’s image is Collabor88, this is where the build comes in as well as the adorable kitten. The fact that it is pawing it’s way through the pink bra makes me smile. I tried to be serious but I put it in anyway because it’s nice to have a smile you can’t resist.

I am going to leave you to the credits now because shhh, I’m still on the clock but work leaves me so exhausted and fed up at the end of the day. So before that lethargy kicks in I’m doing this a little earlier. So…here come the credits!



Items from Collabor88

Build: [Trompe Loeil] Ninah Cottage PG 58li

Kitty in a bra: [+Half-Deer+] Laundry Kitties – Floor Bra (texture change) 1li

Wall scroll: [Soy.] Scroll Type Picture Frame [Vertical] w/vintage art 1li

Wall scroll 2: [Soy.] Scroll Type Picture Frame [Horizontal] w/vintage art 1li


Items from Sanarae

Stand with Egg: [Solus] Hydrangea Designer Floor Egg 2li

Shelf: [Haikei] Leave Love Be / GACHA / 4  2li

Plant: [Haikei] Leave Love Be / GACHA / 2 4li

Sofa: [Haikei] Leave Love Be / GACHA / 6 3li

Rug: [Haikei] Leave Love Be / GACHA / 8 2li

Tablet: [Haikei] Leave Love Be / GACHA / 1 3li

Canvases propped against wall: [Haikei] Leave Love Be / GACHA / 3 4li

Notebook and pen on table: [Minds] Strawberry Note & Pen (pink) 1li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


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