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The haunting

The Haunting

halloween in the wood CLOSE CROP.png

Bear is ready to haunt things. From humans great and small to little fuzzy creatures. She’s teamed up with some new friends and now they are coming for you!


Actually wait! wait, don’t run. You have to get to the end of the post first. Meet the gremlin duo that I have fondly named Nik and Nak. Yes, I like Nik Naks. Yes, I was eating a packet. Yes…it finished way too quickly but now lives on in the naming of the adorably mischievous looking gremlins flanking my Bear. Look at those cute faces!

These poses in the images below are from SEmotion. They not only pose your avatar but they come with facial animations too. In essence they pose both your body and your face. It’s pretty neat actually. I took some extra shots for the sole purpose of showing you more of them. It also has the added bonus of showing off the nails so I was incredibly happy about that (cause those nails are cute).

halloween in the wood Close shots for poses.png

The background also really helps to set the spooky scene and this is by Pandemonium. The gremlins in the background actually float/fly up and down. In each image you see them differently because they are floating up and down behind. They initially at on my avatars shoulders but I moved them a bit further out so you could see them clearly rather than getting stuck in my large hat.



Hat/hair: [Doe] Bianca with hat – browns @The Arcade

Eyes: [Arise] Autumn Eyes /10 (mesh eyes) @Okinawa

Lipstick: [Cherryish] Nichika Lips (genus) @The Seasons Story

Collar (red): [Cherryish] Little Deville Choker Red @Okinawa

Nails: [00Siki] 00Siki BentoNail // Halloween 2019 (maitreya) @Okinawa

Collar 2: [Vincue]Hollie Choker Garter RARE (maitreya, Isis, HG, Freya)  @Dark Style Fair

Harness: [Vincue] Hollie Corset Harness RARE (maitreya, Isis, HG, Freya) @Dark Style Fair

Corset: [Vincue] Hollie Corset (maitreya, Isis, HG, Freya) @Dark Style Fair

Belt: [Vincue] Hollie Belt Skirt RARE (maitreya, Isis, HG, Freya) @Dark Style Fair

Panties: [Vincue] Hollie Undies (maitreya, Isis, HG, Freya) @Dark Style Fair

Gremlins (animesh): [SEmotion Libellune] Gremlin @The Arcade

Pose: [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 67 (featuring numbers 657-main image; mini shots 1-654; 2(middle)-653; 3-652) @Collabor88

Skeleton: [DaD] “Let’s Party skully Jack” v.1.0 c/m @Salem

Background: [Pandemonium] PNDM [Mesh] Haunted Tree tunnel 37li @Okinawa


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging /review purposes.

**the mesh body used in todays post is the Belleza Freya using maitreya hands with belleza’s slink fit for the hands. The mesh head is Genus Baby.


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