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If the Spring time weather allows, even for a short period of time we’re going to have an out door Spring Party down at The Garden Cafe. There will be drinks, sandwiches and yummy treats but you’ll have to turn up early. If you dawdle they might all be gone. Bears can get mighty hungry!

Today’s post is featuring the Garden Cafe caravan set from What Next alongside the Backyard Collection from Keke. While you delve into the credits I’ll just polish up the rest of my sandwich mmm yum!




Items from What Next are available at the Mainstore and all of the items listed for the store below are from the Garden Cafe Caravan set.


Caravan: {what next} Garden Cafe Caravan 16li

Menu sign: {what next} Garden Cafe Menu Sign 1li

Cupcakes & Stand: {what next} Garden Cafe Cupcakes  2li

Bread: {what next} Garden Cafe Bread Board 2li

Red cup: {what next} Garden Cafe Pimms Rezzable Cup Decor 2li

Aqua cup: {what next} Garden Cafe Hot Tea Rezzable Cup Decor 2li

Sauce pot: {what next} GardenCafe Saucepan 1li

Kettle on Stove: {what next} Garden Cafe Kettle 1li

Clock: {what next} Garden Cafe Clock 2li

Stools: (what next) Garden Cafe Stool 2li each

Table: {what next} Garden Cafe Table  1li

Papercups(on and under table) : {what next} Garden Cafe Papercup Stack Upsidedown/Upright 1li each

Paper cups (yellow): {what next} Garden Cafe Iced Tea Rezzable Cup Decor 2li

Tea dispenser: {what next} GardenCafe Iced Tea Dispenser 1li



The following list are the items available from Keke and also available at the mainstore. It is from the Backyard Collection set.


Box seat: [ keke ] fat beer box 1li

Box seat (pillow): [ keke ] fat beer box w pillow 2li

Fence with lights: [ keke ] back yard fence painted . w lights . colour  5li per panel

Fence without lights: [ keke ] back yard fence painted 4li

Wire fence with lights: [ keke ] barbwire fence w lights . colour 5li

Red tv: [ keke ] vintage tv . red . click to change screen 2li

Green tv: [ keke ] vintage tv . dirty green . click to change screen 2li

Case of beer: [ keke ] fat beers on ice 1 2li


*Above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast


Watering Can: [Bad Unicorn] Putney Picnic Watering Can 2li

Bicycle: [dust bunny . Con] Emma Flower Bicycle – Decor 8li

Cooler: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . cooler 5li

Grass: [HPMD] Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- a 1li each patch

Flowers: [Heart] Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace – P1 1li each

Tree: [HPMD] Garden Tree07 – green a 8li

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