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The dress room

The dress room

Are you impressed that I managed not to use pink in the title today? I was initially going to call it Pink Wellness, inspired by the feeling I felt being surrounded by today’s items in my favourate colour aesthetic. However, since I didn’t want to say the name of the colour in the title because I do do that a lot. So, here’s the alternative title. Isn’t it all so girlishly perfect?!

The scene for today actually came together really quickly, sometimes items are so pretty and inspiring they just come together without real difficulty and I surprise myself at how quickly it all just ‘became’. I’ve used items from What Next and Lagom and don’t they work well together? Don’t they though? I’m so happy. These items make me happy. I’m also rather happy and content in real life too.

It’s been a miserable few days with the heat and I could not move a muscle. It was so hot and I’ve just been waiting for the promised thunderstorms for 2 or 3 days. So when it finally came I was just…happy. I was about to lose hope. Today though, I’m positive and rearing to go. I’m going to go play the ‘bug off’ on animal crossing after this and watch more She-ra.

Guys, you need to know that I really love She-ra. I need help for how much I like it. I feel happy watching it. Like I disappear into my own little world. I’m also going to confess something really sad to you but hey, it’s only between me and you right?


I REALLY love Catadora. So, I’ve fallen into this thing that I swore I would never do because people that do that are sooo sad, no. They aren’t. I get it now. I trawl the internet for Catadora fanfics. Ugh, I feel dirty admitting it. More so admitting I enjoy them too. Immensely. I don’t even want to be saved however I can feel some small amount of embarassment. I’m not going to stop though.

As much as I want to sometimes throw Catra off a cliff myself, they do have the most complex and intriguing relationship. My second favorate dynamic is Hordak and Entrapta (who I just adore, she’s fun). There are so many relationship arcs that I love in it and how the characters are all different. Even the villans are complex, it isn’t clean cut. It’s not just the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad. So good!

So, now you know what I’ll be doing today as I leave you with the credits. Please try not to judge me. You’re probably wondering, but hey, what about shopping in Second Life, what with all the weekend sales and such…to which I’m going to say ‘already beat you to it’. Tarah for now!



Bed: [Lagom] 14. Lagom – Crossing [ Bed Pg ] RARE 19li {@Mainstore}

Frame above bed: {what next} ‘Hello Spring’ Wreath Framed 2li  {@Mainstore}

Wardrobe: {what next} Devon Armoire (w/dress) 4li {@Mainstore}

Potted plant stand (next to bed): {what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand) 2li {@Mainstore}

Mannequin (next to bed): [Lagom] 01. Lagom – The mannequin collection [ Patricia ] RARE 7li {@Access}

Mannequin (center): [Lagom] 02. Lagom – The mannequin collection [ Hana ] RARE 6li {@Access}

Shelf: [Lagom] Lagom – Circle Shelfs [ Pink ] 1li {@Equal10}

White dress mannequin: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – The mannequin collection [ Charley ]  3li {@Access}


Chair: [Refuge] Mali Chair LPink PG 9li {@Mainstore}

Dresser: {what next} Devon Drawer Chest 3li {@Mainstore}

Side table (foreground): {what next} Devon Nightstand 1li {@Mainstore}

Potted plant on top: {what next} Pothos Plant (trailing) 1li {@Mainstore}

Hatboxes: {what next} Madeleine Hatbox (stack) 1li {@Mainstore}

Plant (directly behind white dress): {what next} House Plant – Agave (stand) 1li {@Mainstore}

Plant under ‘sparkle’ frame: {what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree (stand) 2li {@Mainstore}

Sparkle frame: {what next} Madeleine Wall Print – Sparkle 1li {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Wine bottle and glasses: [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Hodgepodge – Wine Duet 1li

Champagne button: [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Press For Champagne 1li

Items on top of dresser…

  • [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Golden Cage – Suitcase Display 1li
  • [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Jolie – Lip Balms 1li
  • [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Organizer 1li

Items on shelf…

  • [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Jolie – Hair Products 1li
  • [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Round Cloche 1li
  • [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Jolie -Round Bottle 1li
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