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The Cozy Cabin

I made this set a while ago but this is the first time I am getting to show it off simply because I moved some posts ahead of it. Now I think it is a lovely thing to bring in a home decor post quite early into the month of December. There will be a lot more showing up soon because Builders Box will be launching soon. If you still haven’t pre-ordered your box you are running out of time. All the teaser images promise yet another amazing box. Last few hours to grab it at the cheaper pre-order price right here.

Till then I hope you enjoy the comfy, cosy feel of the Trompe Loeil cabin available at Collabor88. It’s at a super amazingly cheap price to not get it simply won’t make any sense at all. So hurry down and get it because you’re running out of time to grab it at a fabulous low price. This round closes on the 7th.

While you peruse the credits that follow, I’m just going to head to the Hot Chocolate station by What Next and make myself something positively decadent before I sink into the softness of the Velvet Sofa by Soy.



Available from Collabor88

♡. Bowl of fruit (Center table): [vespertine] autumn fruit platter 2li

♡. Kettle (Center table): [vespertine] cosy enamel kettle 1li

♡. Slice of Pumpkin Pie: [vespertine] slice of leafy pumpkin pie 1li

♡. Sofa: [Soy] Comfy Velvet Sofa 3li

♡. Chairs: [Soy] Comfy Velvet Chair 3li each

♡. Building: [Trompe Loeil] Ysela A-Frame Cabin 62li


Available from mainstores

♡. Hot Chocolate station: [What Next] Colonna Hot Chocolate Station – Full Set (boxed) 19li all included. Available as single items too.

♡. Center Table (x2 joined together): [What Next] Camber Coffee Table 3li each

♡. Side Table: [Fancy Decor] Bernard Side Table 1li



View Flickr version by clicking here or continue below for more credits.


Additional items used

Background on the other side of the Hot Chocolate station

♡. Wreath: [Apple Fall] Magnolia Leaf Wreath 4li

♡. Potted plant: [dust bunny] tabletop plants . sword leaf 1li

♡. Potted plant: [dust bunny] tabletop plants . pink peony . silver 1li

♡. Recipe book: [dust bunny] homemade summer treats . recipe book 1li

♡. Cabinet: [Ariskea] Emi Cabinet Brown 2li

♡. Christmas tree: [dust bunny] alpine christmas tree . decorated 28li

♡. Presents: [dust bunny] christmas presents


Center table area

♡. Tomato soup and toasties: [dust bunny] sweetheart lunch . grilled cheese 1li

♡. Hamburger: [dust bunny] sweetheart lunch . cheese burger 1li

♡. Cookies: [dust bunny] homemade summer treats . cooling cookies 1li

♡. Bread Buns: [dust bunny] harvest feast . dinner rolls 1li

♡. Muffins:[dust bunny] brunch . coconut muffins 1li

♡. Rug: [kunst] carpet rug 1li

♡. Pillow pile: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . pillow pile . neutral . pg 6li


Items on sofa

♡. Knitting: [Foxwood] November ~ Knitting – pink 2li

♡. Chocolates: [dust bunny] assorted love chocolates 2li

♡. Blanket with lights: [Half-Deer] Blanket Clutter – All Colors – Edge Large 2li



♡. Hanging plant: [dust bunny] hanging plants . cheese plant 4li

♡. Lantern: [Ariskea] October Late Fall Lantern 2li

♡. Basket:[vespertine] heritage laundry basket 4li


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