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The Christmas Decorations

The Christmas Decorations

Have you seen them? Have you even gone in search of them yet? no? you really ought to. It’s coming to that time again where you start thinking…’where did we put the Christmas decorations from last year?’ and ‘I should probably start thinking about getting the decorations down from the attic’. December is literally round the corner, chasing and nipping at your heels in excitement. If you don’t start planning now, whenever will you start?

If you are thinking of changing up the decorations this year and purchasing new ones now is the time to think hard. While your at it don’t forget your Second Life home will need decorating too. Thankfully I’m here with a pretty clutter of Christmas decorations to get your ideas flowing. So head on down for the credits.



Cabinet: [Refuge] Autumn Sideboard @ Currently at TLC till 27th – Then Mainstore(The taller version is just two of them one on top of the other to make a taller one) 13li each

Christmas wall picture: [Refuge]Winter Scene Twinkling Stars 2li @Mainstore

Candles: [Refuge] Autumn Candlestick 2li each @ Currently at TLC till 27th – Then Mainstore

Glass pumpkin: [Refuge] Autumn Glass Pumpkin C 2li @ Currently at TLC till 27th – Then Mainstore


Cat planter on cabinet: [Dahlia] Joy – Lucky Kitten Planter – Brown 10  2li @The Arcade 

Candle decoration on shelf: [Dynasty] Holiday Arrangment – Brown 2li @Tannenbaum

Shelf: [Bamse] Consigliere – Fedora Shelf 1li @The Arcade 

Star on wall: [MudHoney] Ember Lit Star 2li @Tannenbaum

Pillows on sleigh: [KraftWork] Christmas Poem Night Pillows Kids 2li @Tannenbaum

Sleigh/bench: [DJ.SF] Vintage Sled Bench – Red @Tannenbaum


Tree frame(red): [Refuge] Tree Frame Red Static 2li @Mainstore

Tree frame(green): [Refuge] Tree Frame Green Static 2li @Mainstore

Pillows: [Contrast] Grandma’s clutter 2li @The Arcade 

Rug: [KraftWork] Christmas Poem Night Rug 6li @Tannenbaum

Book Stack:[Sempiternal] Winter’s Warmth Yule Tales 2li @The Arcade 


Gold tray: [Refuge] Autumn Platter 1li @Mainstore

Soldier (falling over): 10 [DaD] “Steampunk Nutcracker – Soldier Nutcracker” m/c 1li @The Arcade 

Drummer Soldier: 07 [DaD] “Steampunk Nutcracker – Drummer Nutcracker” m/c 1li @The Arcade 

Pine Tree: [ keke ] pine tree . M hard 5li @Mainstore

Stool with lamp, books and cookies: [KraftWork] Christmas Poem Night . Chess 4li @Tannenbaum

Hanging bauble (near cabinet): 13 – [8f8] Little Worlds – Nostalgia 4li @The Arcade 

Hanging bauble (near tree): 05 – [8f8] Little Worlds – Silence 2li @The Arcade 


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

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