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The Bathhouse

The bathhouse

The bathhouse closer

Today’s post was fun, it’s a bathhouse! At first I found it a little bit challenging because I can’t say I have ever taken a picture of a japanese bath house. It was however so amazingly good that I felt sad not to at least take a stab at it. Turns out, I had so much fun I don’t know why I was so worried in the first place. It was so cute I couldn’t resist showing you some of the other rooms and even the outside. Those images are below.

Those images have not been greatly edited and have been taken from Second life. However, they were taken in ultra, with shadows and windlights from Inworld.

The main focus of the image is to feature items from Okinawa’s New Year Festival before it parts ways with us till next year. If you still haven’t been you have two more days to get get some.  Any last items to pick up? now is the time.



Pose: [SEmotion] SEmodeling 469 *altered to look up slightly at camera @Mainstore

Hair: [tram] I0414 hair(S) @Mainstore


The following featured items are from OKINAWA NEW YEAR FESTIVAL

Closing date is the 12th, so you’re just in time to do some more shopping before it ends!

Eyes: [More More] new year gift eyes 4 *gift available at event

Skin: [More More] Dasom Skin Gacha RARE 1_Milk (genus) *gacha

Outfit: [RNK] Hakama_Pink (maitreya)

Stockings & shoes: [RNK] Geta Heel With Hige Socks_Pink (maitreya)

Drinks fridge: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse milk fridge 4li each (stacked in image) *gacha

Shelving cupboard: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse locker L 1li *gacha

Rug: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse Floor Mats 2 1li *gacha


The bathhouse exterior.png

(Over door) Sign: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse sign  1li *gacha

(on door frame) Sign: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse sign S 1li *gacha

Build: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse RARE 56li *gacha

Curtain (entryway): [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse welcome noren 2li *gacha

Wreath: [Kaerri] 2020 Wreath 8li

Potted Plants: [Kaerri] 2020 Kadomatsu 7li


The bathhouse interior 2.png

Lockers: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse shoe lockers 5li *gacha

Deck flooring: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse sunoko 1li *gacha

Red curtain: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse noren right 1li *gacha

Blue curtain: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse noren left 1li *gacha


The bathhouse interior 1.png

♡ Taps area: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse washing area 2 2li *gacha

♡ Seat: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse stool 1li each *gacha

♡ Bowl/Basin: [Casse lustre] old japanese bathhouse wash basin 1li *gacha


*all above listed items have been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara combined with Genus Classic mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Rope fence: [Sway’s] Ruel Rope Fence . knot & loose 3li each side

Path: [HPMD] Dirt Road – light brown 3li

Wooden wash bucket (near stool): [taikou] wooden wash bucket 1li

Bath stool (near plant): [taikou] wooden bath stool 1li

Wicker basket plant: [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5li

Laundry basket: {vespertine} – heritage laundry basket. 4li

Plant on top of shelf: [dust bunny] hoya plant 2li

Biscuit packet on top of shelf (under plant leaves): [Kalopsia] Melanie’s Pity Party Bear Cookies 2li

Folded blankets: [Half Deer] Neatly Folded Blankets (Pink Floral, Leaves) 1li each


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