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The Apothecary

With it being October, the month of magic and screams I knew it was time  to set up an apothecary. It was so much fun to set up. I’ve never really set up a spooky themed anything before so this was completely new territory for me. By the time the month of October is over I believe I might be at least proficient at setting up a spooky dark environment for I would have had a lot of practice at it.

Builders Box is out and I will be bringing some items from that box out soon. I’ve been spending time rooting through all the items and wow are they gorgeous with a capital G. For today though you’re not going to be disappointed with Ionic and Spells spooky themed items and these are previously released items however I believe they deserve to be brought to the forefront again. The Items featured are from Spell’s Witchcraft and Wizardry and Obscuro gachas as well as Ionic’s The Apothecary gacha.


The BuildingIONIC – The Apothecary – RARE 74li

SignIONIC – Potions Store Sign 3li


Everything from these packs is so atmospheric that it practically did all the work itself, they are amazing little pieces. My favourate had to be the stairs. If I could only choose one item to win I would have picked the stairs in a heart beat. It’s not only beautiful but it could fit in any decor scene. However to have as many items as you can get from it will be nothing you could ever be sad about because they are very well done. I’ve got some a close up for you.


Credits Part one (from right to left)

TableSPELL : Divination Table – Tea Readings

Chair 1(next to stairs)SPELL : Forgotten Victorian Chair {dark} 7li

Chair 2SPELL : Forgotten Victorian Chair {wooden} 7li

PaintingsSPELL : Forgotten Victorian Frames 4li

Cauldron, paper, wand & BottlesSPELL : Magic spells RARE 5li

Bulb machine behind the chair & stairsSPELL : Alchemy humid way RARE 5li

CupboardIONIC : Apothecary Shelf 19li

Little frog on stepSPELL : Chocolate Frog 2li

Potion bottles on stepSPELL : Magic Potions 2li

Vase of flowers on counterIONIC : Apothecary Medicinal Herbs 3li

CounterIONIC : Apothecary Counter 10li

SkullSPELL : Human Skull 5li


It seems there was also a visitor to this spooky domain but I think he or she withered away waiting for anyone to return. I wonder if that was predicted by the crystal ball or not. I wonder…if more unfortunately it was the fortune teller who was the unfortunate victim. I don’t know about you but bones unsettle me, that makes them the perfect for here, it’s the thought that they were once a person. Considering I just recently finished watching a documentary on the fall of Pompeii I am even more unsettled than usual. Was that a shiver?! Let’s just say I wouldn’t visit a store like this at night. Yes, I’m a scardy cat.



Credits Part two (Left to right)

TableSPELL : Divination Table – Crystal Ball 5li

MirrorSPELL : The Mirror of Erised RARE 12li

Suitcase trolleySpell – Harrys Trolley 7li

Moon decorationionic : Hanging Moon Phases [silver] 2li (From the Spirit gacha)

Hanging Laceionic : Hanging Lace Drapes 1li (From the Celebration gacha)

StairsIONIC : Ancient Stairs 11li

StoolSPELL : Divination Stool 3li

Ouija BoardIONIC : Ouija Board Display 3li

CounterIONIC : Apothecary Counter 10li

CupboardIONIC : Apothecary Shelf (Empty) 6li


Supporting Cast

Palm: {vespertine}- parlour palm. 6li/7li with stand

Skeleton: Casa del Shai (by Shai Delacroix) – Skelly dinner guest – Headache 3li

Bench with cushions:  8f8 – Green Grocers – Cart Bench 07 4li

Potted flowering plant:

Spider webs: [DDD] – Dewdrop Cobwebs

Here are some close up images below.




Credits part three

Glass caseIONIC : Alchemist Scale 4li

ScalesIONIC : Alchemist Scale 3li

VasesIONIC : Apothecary Medicinal Herbs 3li

Apothecary signIONIC : Apothecary sign 3li


Thank you for walking through the store with me, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you again for another walk through when I get a lovely big home and garden post for you again.

All items used in this post were kindly provided by Creators for blogging purposes excluding all items in the supporting cast. If you would like to get these items yourself please don’t forget to visit


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