Take it from me…

Take it from me

Today’s title is something I heard that some how buried itself in my brain and stuck. Since I was unsure of what to title today’s image I decided to go with it. It might actually make it leave my brain like magic if I put it out into the world again? I am hoping at least. Much the way it got in there in the first place.

Anyway, hi! I’m back again, I’ve wanted to blog this cute outfit by Pure Poison since day one of seeing it. It’s adorable and so cute. Impractical in real life without a bra underneath but inworld the magic of second life means it works perfectly, just like I wish it would in real life, the exposure only occurs when you choose it. It wouldn’t stop me, wearing an outfit like this in real life, I would just wear it indoors and have a bra on underneath. I’m not shy, you are! I mean if I lived alone mayyybe…it’s more likely. Hey, why am I being put on the spot, pft.

So, getting back on track, I’ve had an interesting few days and I’ve hated it. I lost the internet for two days. Two. I had never been more glad to have had the foresight to lighten my responsiblities. I think subconsiously I must have been expecting it considering how bad the internet has been bad for a few months now. I certaintly hadn’t expected it would go but I must have because in a way because thankfully I was ahead, it wasn’t the end of the month and it didn’t end up irrevesably deceminating my progression. I should really, and I am, thankful that at least I didn’t loose power too. That would have been a truely miserable combination.

inworld unedited shot enjoy the zoom up her nose X3

So despite the ridiculous shenanigans of my ISP, and let me tell you there have been whoppers, I’m here with a picture! I did it, it was a quick one too so I was surprised it came out so well. The internet is back, yes but I still did have some trouble because although it is back it is still not stable, of course. I didn’t really expect anything less to be fair, I’m just glad that it is back. Cubic Cherry another set of beautifully created bom gloves and this time I love how it’s cut out. I also really love that I can add on these long nails and it looks like the claws come with the gloves. I couldn’t find the ones in the product image but it did give me the idea and once I found these nails in my inventory I fell in love with how it looked together. Now, come try and take the strawberry away, the strawberry in this context (created by Kotte and cute as all get out) representing my internet. I will fight for it.



Hair: [Tram] K0129 hair {@Collabor88}

♡ Strawberry: [Kotte] Choco Strawberry – flowers {@Kustom9}

♡ Gloves: [Cubic Cherry] Diem Leather Gloves Black (BOM, Omega applier) {@The Warehouse Sale}

♡ Nails: [Ascendant] Pagan Nails (Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza) {@Mainstore}

♡ Outfit: [Pure Poison] Serena Top and Pants (Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Maitreya Petite, Freya) {@Mainstore}

♡ Pose: [Serendipity] Adine 3 {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used in today’s image is the Legacy Perky combined with the Genus Baby Mesh head. The skin is from Not Found and the base shape is by It’s Okay and modified slightly.


Supporting Cast

♡ Background: [Foxcity] Photo booth – Cozy Balcony 43Li



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