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Let’s take it outside again

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I enjoyed this scene, not just because it had plants and such and we all know I love plants. Bug free plants, just thought I ought to mention that, much like Blathers in Animal Crossing I can’t stand bugs.

Anyway it wasn’t just that it was set out doors or that there are plants and seedlings but it was also the colours. The greens and the blues and the woods, they all felt very earthy and ‘planty’. The pigeons were a last minute addition because MishMish suddenly sent out a new release and I thought omg it’s fate, please join my picture.

I had initially not intended to add my avatar into the shot, it was going to be a decor only post until she just happened to sit in. It started as me trying to refocus my camera and I thought, you know what…there’s something to be said for leaving her in. I just hope that the pigeon doesn’t do a ‘poople’ on her head.

Birds are risky things to have on your person, love them as much as I do, I know they haven’t any bottom blockers. That’s me being tactful. Yet, I still can’t get enough of them, they are the cutest things. They make my heart melt. I probably don’t have to tell you then, that these pigeons brought me upmost joy just looking at them. They are RIDICULOUSLY cute, god!

Looking for more garden items? Sari-Sari has a planting set out at Collabor88, which is where most of the items today are from, it is so good you guys. That’s why there had to be a close up shot of that too. While I’m at it and you pop down to Collabor88 to check out all these items Random Matter have a plant themed item too, oh it is so pretty. There were watercolour paints and everything. I wanted to buy that but then I had to make a choice between rent and buying and I had to go with rent. I still have lots of sets I still want to blog. It will have to wait till another time but really, check it out. It’s so cute.

Collabor88 isn’t the only place featured though, I’ve also got Kotte and she’s at Bloom which is now open. and MishMish is at Kustom9.

Here are some in-world shots taken with shadows to give you an idea of the in-world views and close ups without any coloured windlights. I did however use a windlight with heavy dramatic shadows because it looked so nice. I have not however edited them. They are in-world shots on ultra.

close up shots_outdoors

I had to get in really close for the details and while I was getting the shot below I caught my avatar in a random shot. I had moved her to the side of the image to move her out of the way slightly. She was getting in the way of the close ups. I thought the unexpected shot was fun, so I kept it in.

close up shots_outdoors2

The seat she is sitting on is by Keke, I blogged it previously and also added it to this scene but it got slightly chopped off on the side. In this shot you can see it which was also an added bonus of keeping in this shot. You can also see the other curtain on the side which also got cut out. This all happened when I tightened the shot and as a result lost some of the sides but it looked so much better that I hadn’t the heart to not use it. You know how it is, when something just clicks right and you know this is the best it will be. Like finding your best side for selfies.



Fashion items…

Top: [The Secret Store] Oli Knitted Shirt (Maitreya, Freya, HG, Flat) {@Collabor88} {mainstore}


Home & Decor items

Hanging Canvas pictures: [Fancy Decor] Ellis Canvas (Tex.Change colours) 1li each {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Pergola: [K&S] Spring. Pergola 20li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Sofa: [K&S] Spring .couch. ADULT 11li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Floor Pillows for center cushion seat: [K&S] Spring. padded stool 4li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}


Side Table/console table: [Fancy Decor] Ellis Console 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Ellis Lamp 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Hexagonal sculpture: [Fancy Decor] Ellis Sculptures 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Candle with flowers: [Disorderly] Garden Floral / D / Pink 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}


Pigeons: [MishMish] Pigeon Deco 1li each {@Kustom9} {mainstore}

Soil bag: [Sari-Sari] Potting Soil 1li  {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Sprout in soil bag: [Sari-Sari] The Seed 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Seedling sprouts on table: [Sari-Sari] Seed Starter Tray (Chili Pepper) 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}

Tool can, pens and paper: [Sari-Sari] Improvised Seedling Tool Can 1li {@Collabor88} {mainstore}


Glass globe (blue flower): [kotte] floral lights – tulip – blue 2li {@Bloom} {mainstore}

Glass globe (purple flower): [kotte] floral lights – sakura – purple 2li {@Bloom} {mainstore}

Hanging floral glass lights (blue): [kotte] floral lights – osmanthus – blue (8li together/ 3-2li seperately) {@Bloom} {mainstore}

Folded chair cushion: [ keke ] huge cozy up pillow vol 3 . white {@mainstore}

Vines: [+Half-Deer+] English Ivy 1li {@mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Hair: [bonbon] umeko hair S-S [fit]

Skirt: [imbue] cheeky skirt – maitreya – stripes (Maitreya, Freya, HG)

Table: [taikou] rounded dining table {click to texture change} (resized small)

Lace curtains: [Knick Knacks] Lace Curtain

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