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Hi everyone, happy Saturday. did you do anything fun today? I did, can you guess what it was? that’s right…lot’s of shopping on Second Life. I felt better for a bit it was nice. My tooth is absolutely hammering me today so this is definately an ‘I need shopping therapy’ day. I can’t spend the whole day just sleeping to escape hurty teeth but oh how tempting it is. It’s…


What does it feel like outside

I just realised while taking this shot that I haven’t actually been out in perhaps a month now. I haven’t stepped outside. I’ve been to my door and not a step further. The strangest thing is that I didn’t even notice it till now. Not till I decided to take an image on a bridge with a city view behind and found myself wondering what the outside is like now.…

Fashion & Decor

The outdoor lights are up

Congratulations! You made it to the end of November in one piece and it was only a matter of time before Christmas spilt out into the streets. We’ve been gearing up to it for a while now. It’s okay to confess it now because December is just around the corner. Let the decorations spill out into the streets and get those lights hung up. Let your neighbours see the madness…