Fashion & Decor

Strike a pose

I’m back! and with a new picture in tow. I didn’t think I would get this one up today, not between a slow computer and Second Life refusing to let me in. I feel personally attacked right now. However, I think I might have finally cracked it? it does seem to be working for now so maybe? we will see. In the meantime, I’m taking you all straight to the…

Fashion & Decor

Weekend plans

I spent the entire day working on this picture because my productivity is down because it is one of those absolutely sweltering days again. Those sort of days where you just sit melting away in front of the computer and there is nothing you can really do about it. So sweaty. So gross. I am hoping this evening brings a coolness to it at least. It will make it more…

Home and Decor

I want a reading nook

I did indeed. I was feeling in a building mood. One of my favourate things to do is build and this is particularly the case when I play the Sims. I think most of my time is spent moving house and building new houses for my Sims when I get to play. This time however, I wanted something but didn’t have any idea how to find it. So I thought,…