A dark play

Since I have managed to catch a horrible cold though I have been out of commission for a few days and now I’m behind. I’m hoping to be able to re-jig my (planned, printed and perfectly time planned) schedule to see if I can hopefully keep that challenge going. When I saw Cubic Cherry’s entry for Romp I knew exactly what I wanted to pair the outfit with. I had…


When I look down at the world

Today’s post is a lovely Credits only post. This means you’ll hear less of me and get a fast track on to the credits. I just wanted to say one thing…this was fun! Happy Friday everyone and well done for making it to the end of the week.   Featuring Nose band: [Cubic Cherry] Pierced Noseband (previously at Access Event) @Mainstore Horns: [Cubic Cherry] Aeon Horns @Mainstore     Tattoos:…