Fashion & Decor

Tucked up with Friends

Hi, everyone! Welcome back. You probably know what I’m going to say because only one of two things tend to happen when I go away for a little bit. Either I was ill or I was working on a large post. If you guessed the latter you’re right. I’m here with another fashion and decor post. This time featuring items from one of my favourate events again. If you were…


Island dream

Hi everybody, I’m back. Did you miss me? No? It’s okay because I missed you. I had a weeks break because it was completely necessary for me to get a short break. I can’t lie. The good thing is that I’m back again. That might mean alot of catching up on the horizon but I thinkĀ  we just might be able to do it together. What do you say? One…

Fashion & Decor

A sip of quiet

It’s really cold today because I’ve got all the windows open. It’s grey and miserable and the air is fresh but chilly. I mean it’s not freezing hands cold but I’m sat in the living room in a summer dress. Hey, I like the florals okay. It’s a pretty mint colour with lovely little pink and blue flowers. I’ve also got a blanket draped round my shoulders. Technically, I should…