You’ll always be Pretty in Pink

I really do not know what to say today, you would think I would after all that’s happened today. I finally got to hold my new nephews. I got two boys, two twin boys. I’m screaming so hard. They are SO ridiculous cute. Their faces are like tiny little fuzzy peaches. They had tiny little tongues and tiny little eyes and tiny little fingernails on their tiny little fingers. They…

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Would you sit with me

Welcome to the 3rd day of the year. You’re still smashing it, don’t worry too much. I’m still feeling incredibly motivated even though I haven’t actually done much towards my aims for this year. Instead everything else that I hadn’t really considered has cropped up. Things I hadn’t bargained for and to be honest didn’t think I would have to deal with. However, I am determined that it will not,…

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New Year New Views

Happy New Year’s day to you all! It’s a brand new start so lets try looking at things and approaching them from new angles. I like my New Year Day. I’m excited and quietly confident that I can do this. I’ve also promised myself not to beat myself up too much if I can’t. Doing my best is the only important thing. Making it even marginally better than the year…