Protecting the Princess

  So today’s picture was just a bit of Arcade fun, I wanted to have a fun ‘virtual cosplay’ moment so here came my Lara Croft/Indiana Jones meets rugged adventurer moment. Guess who’s being dragged in as the ‘princess’ ha! it’s so funny but I love the indulgence of a semi naked princess and my avatar as the tough lead. In real life I’m not tomboyish in the least but…

Fashion & Decor

This heart is for you

Good morning, it’s a cold snowy morning, here. The snow came in overnight and covered all the roads and pavements. It was pretty…till people started walking in it. Now it’s all brown and icky. Yesterday however I stayed up late so I got to see when it started and when it fell. Why was I up late you say? well, because I had finally got some time to play with…