Bear as Nurse Tamsy

This adorable set is from Tentacio’s gacha at the arcade. This was so much fun. I love the outfit, it just appeals to something ever cutesy and anime loving in me. What can I say. It’s also not a secret anymore, my love affair with pink. I confess it. I am a Pink-a-holic. Nothing can save me now and I do not wish to be saved. Kurimu is moe as…


Ladies in waiting

Yesterday I had everyone on again and of course that means they have to get dragged into a picture. Actually, I had initially planned to be in this picture alone however it seemed wrong to have empty space next to me when my friends were sitting right there in front of me. So I extended the invitation as well as the clothing theme and this is what we came up…

Fashion & Decor

Along my golden path

Today is a credit only post, which means you get the credits straight away. So please enjoy and simply scroll down below. Happy Sunday, readers!   Decor Ground Leaves: Keke – willow leaves for ground – maxi – autumn 1li Floating Leaves 1: Keke – fall maple leaves . whirling orange 1li Floating Leaves 2: Keke – blow me away rowan leaves 1li Shrubs: Keke – willow shrub – autumn 1li Tree arch:…