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Fashion change

Lagom released the Shopaholic set recently and ever since I saw it I wanted to blog it because it is one, cute. All those pastel colours and all things good. Two, it’s ‘shopaholic’, that totally suits me right? I’m a shopaholic too. Me, yes, me. You too of course but we are talking about me. Meeeeee. Meeeeee. I’m just teasing you, I’m obviously having a moment. In reality it about…

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Just a little help

Hello there, guess who’s up late today. So, I decided to put up a post, naturally. It’s going to be a credits only post. I was setting up this scene earlier and realised I rather liked this one with my avatar in it. She isn’t showing off any outfits particularly but I was rather taken with her peering into the glass cabinet to see if any of the plants needed…

Fashion & Decor

Down to the record shop

Today was much better on the weather front and in fact the day looked much like today’s image. It was sunny even if it felt brisk and it was a huge improvement on yesterday. I had been incredibly reluctant to get out of bed this morning simply because I was experiencing stiff muscles from having been snowed all over and half frozen the day before. I still spent most of…