Fashion & Decor

The Snowball Fight

With the winter season around the corner, I couldn’t help but remind everyone of this gorgeous winter set from Ionic. It makes a perfect winter scene with its snowy pavements, snow pile and there’s even a pretzel cart full of warm, freshly made pretzels. The bears found a snow bucket for collecting snowballs from ADAndel and couldn’t resist filling them up with snowballs perfect for a snowball fight. Kuri isn’t…

Fashion & Decor

Bear Time TV – The thanksgiving turkeys

With Thanksgiving on it’s way up the calender, Bear’s had the brilliant idea to host an interview with the special guests of the day. The thanksgiving Turkeys. She heard they were releasing their new album and of course wanted to be one of the first to interview the trio. However, her dream of having her own day time tv show to rival the likes of Ellen seems to be a…


A girly catch up

This month seems to be the month for renewing acquaintances because besides getting a visit from Ichi I have had a visit from two more of my friends and it’s been so much fun. My virtual home hasn’t seen another virtual form but mine in so long that it’s probably been going through a phase of abject loneliness of it’s own. Simply because when I am in world I am…