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Something warm

It’s definately Autumn although my memories of pas Autumns are so corrupted I don’t remember if it was ever this wet and cold. It probably was and I just do not recall but it does make me thankful to be home and able to have control over my heating. It also means no rain drenched rides into work on my bicycle. That’s always a bonus. In keeping with the theme…


Make me better

If you’re feeling sad or down, lacking creative juices or simply not feeling much up and go at the moment well Bear is here to help. One tablespoon full of soul juice or maybe creative juice, a kiss on the nose and you’ll be feeling right as rain in no time. Featuring ♡ Outfit: [Casse Lustre] Loosely roomwear (Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass) {@Sanarae} ♡ Nails: [SnowWhite] Nails Hoku (Maitreya) {@Sanarae} ♡…