Waiting for a ride

There isn’t too much to say, conversations are hard to have a lone when you’re waiting for your transport to come. I usually like to play games on my phone when I’m waiting, particularly when it is a train I am waiting for. It tends to take your mind off the discomfort or the weather when it’s cold. At least for a little while. That’s one of the reasons why…

Fashion & Decor

Under the trees

Featuring The following items are part of the scenery and from Keke. They are available to purchase at the mainstore.  ♡ Grass –green: [ keke ] fairy grass . summer . 10 x 10 LI: 1 ♡ Bushes behind fence: [ keke ] small leaf bush . all seasons . hard LI: 3 ♡ Fence: [ keke ] back yard fence painted LI: 4 ♡ Leaves on the ground: […

Fashion & Decor

Delicious summer

It’s a watermelonish summer, I’ve decided that this will be my remembered theme for the summer. Did you know it has gone back to pouring it down in the UK? That was quite the short lived summer. I wonder if we will get more sun before autumn comes along.   Credits   Items from Okinawa Summer Festival ♡ Bikini: [Ersch] Matome Swimwear (Lara, Isis, Freya, Legacy) @Okinawa ♡ Drink: [Silvery…