Hide Away In the dark

Surprise, it’s another post for today. You didn’t think you would be getting two today did you? but then you did. To be fair this one was slightly delayed due to my computer crashing. I managed to save it however and here it is. I hope you also like this one. This dress is utterly sexy. Wow, I used the S word twice in the same day in both posts.…


Take me with you

If you’re on your way out, take me with you? Happy Saturday you guys. Have you all been enjoying your shopping weekend? with the plethora of shopping sales available if you didn’t spend your day shopping you totally missed out. There was some good stuff. I bought more things than I usually give in to. I have to be so strict with my budget but even with a strict budget…


Tickled pink

Today’s post is a little late today because…it snowed! it finally snowed down in the South of England and predictably I got caught in it. Naturally I would have chosen to have brazened it out and not thought to check the weather forecast. After all, what does the weather man/woman know. They always get it wrong. They didn’t get it wrong today. I was absolutely soaked and frozen to the…