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Lets hide in the corner

As a cat owner, I’m sure you know as well as I do that corners are for hiding in and exploring. No matter the breed it will head for the corners and the underneath of things, everywhere improbable for you to follow or reach them in. This makes extricating them a lot of work and usually not worth the time. Thankfully my cat responds to the no nonsense tone of…

Home and Decor

A taste of Madras

Today’s post is¬† a credits only post for home and garden and it is featuring items from Madras.   Credits   Items by Madras and available at the mainstore… Bookcase: [Madras] Vintage Slide Door Table Linked 6li Stack of books on top: [Madras] MUSIC BOOK 2li Fireplace; [Madras] Aish Fireplace Decor Linked 6li Circular side table: [Madras] Dhamu Glass Teapoy table 2li Candle lamp on top: [Madras] ¬†Vintage Mirror Candle…