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Along my golden path

Today is a credit only post, which means you get the credits straight away. So please enjoy and simply scroll down below. Happy Sunday, readers!   Decor Ground Leaves: Keke – willow leaves for ground – maxi – autumn 1li Floating Leaves 1: Keke – fall maple leaves . whirling orange 1li Floating Leaves 2: Keke – blow me away rowan leaves 1li Shrubs: Keke – willow shrub – autumn 1li Tree arch:…


I feel your hands on me

In a dark, dark county was a dark, dark town. In a dark, dark town, there was a dark, dark alley. In the dark, dark alley, there was a dark dark being. and that being’s name was Larry and he was a skeleton that liked to grope unsuspecting females that had the misfortune to happen past his alley. So stay away from dark alleys.   Pose: Serendipity – intention… (5) bento Hair: D!va –…