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We’re keeping your seat warm, Master

That’s the line that pops to mind when I considered today’s image. In a huge departure from my lovely pinks, I do think I might have been watching too many harem animes.  Now the responsible part of my brain knows I would not wish such torture on myself, seeing as I can only deal with two people at a time, the idea of a harem sounds horrible. All those feelings…


We’re a little spacey

I’m back again with another post! I wanted to have this post done yesterday unfortunately I was unable to because I was travelling most of the day. I had to travel up for a funeral. I was so shattered when I finally arrived as I had to do everything after the work day. So it was straight from there to the train station with the bags and onto the train…


Engine lights on

I was feeling in a little bit of a sci-fi mood after watching a new episode of Star Trek…I can’t apologise either. Today’s items are from Collabor88 and Uber as well as a mainstore item. It felt different doing this since of course this was a shape I would not normally have used but wow she’s pretty. I have not edited her numbers at all and the shape is available…