I like yellow because it makes me think of happy, sunny days and warmth. Everything is instantly brighter with a splash of yellow. Don’t you think? Music and bright colours that’s all you need. And food, of course. No one wants to be found withered away in a swatch of yellow fabric with youtube playing at full volume. It’s just not a cute look. It also sounds like no fun…


Make me better

If you’re feeling sad or down, lacking creative juices or simply not feeling much up and go at the moment well Bear is here to help. One tablespoon full of soul juice or maybe creative juice, a kiss on the nose and you’ll be feeling right as rain in no time. Featuring ♡ Outfit: [Casse Lustre] Loosely roomwear (Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass) {@Sanarae} ♡ Nails: [SnowWhite] Nails Hoku (Maitreya) {@Sanarae} ♡…


She is Pink

I am still off on holiday however I have set you up with another image while I am away so you won’t miss me too much. Let me share with you again, my favourate colour in all the world. Pink! Helping me do so are some of the amazing creators in the Okinawa event They have some kawaii pink items just waiting for you so why on earth haven’t you…