Fashion & Decor

OH My flamingos

Today’s post was all about fun, I didn’t really have an idea of what I was doing, I just knew what items I wanted to put into the image and just built everything into the same frame. It’s a small but fun realm of gorgeous chaos. Do you like it?! I do! I am featuring more items from The Seasons Story along side the featured new items from Sorumin and…

Fashion & Decor

I wanna be your dumpling

Today’s post was inspired by the really adorable dumplings by MishMish. I squealed like a stuck pig when I opened the box. I couldn’t tell what was inside I just knew it was a MishMish box and everything ‘MishMish’ always makes me break out into a smile. You could be having an absolute sucky day and bam, you’re smiling. The held chopsticks come with a cute static holding pose and…