The joy of watermelons

I was feeling a watermelon kind of feeling. I love the colours of a watermelon, they inspire summer. I only have to think of watermelon and I can already taste it’s yummyness. So, with watermelon on the mind I decided to set up a watermelon colours ‘inspired’ image. After all it is on of the things I hoard in Second Life but what do you think? Are you feeling those…

Fashion & Decor

Dinner is at 8

Yesterday I set a scene up in one evening. It doesn’t sound like anything great but for me it is. I tend to pick pick and pick at things. Twist them this way and that and ‘hm’ and ‘ah’ over things through the course of at least two days. I like to sleep on things, come back and look at it all again. This time however I had one evening…

Home and Decor

A taste of Halloween

It’s October and closer to Halloween than ever and all I can think of is cosy kitchens and tables full of bountiful harvests. I actually had a toffee apple recently, it’s one of my favourate parts of Halloween. I can’t find a toffee apple at any other time but now so it’s truely a once a year indulgence. I will readily admit that I tend to overdo it too. Wouldn’t…