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Come cuddle with me

There seems to be a theme to the current titles right? but it’s okay, February is now dubbed the month of doing things with Bear. This time it’s cuddles. It was going to be a fashion and decor post after all, the title suggests doing things but I’m going to leave it to your imagination instead because I loved the setting just as it was. As a result I shoved…

Garden & Landscaping

Grave Night

Generally I’m not the best with landscaping, at least I don’t think I am. However, I was still really happy with the way this set came out. I wanted something that looked like a scary halloween set for taking pictures in and I believe I got that. My bar wasn’t set high at all. It was set pretty low so the ending made me feel quite happy indeed. It had…

Home and Decor

An abandoned mystery?

Hi everybody, this is going to be quite the busy week for me again work wise. I just finished working now and I’m not going to lie, I’m cross eyed since I started very very early today and I’ve been going for fifteen hours. Unfortunately that means I only have enough minerals left in me for a credit only post. Still please enjoy today’s scenery for Collabor88 while I crash…