A special birthday party

Did you know that it will be Hello Kitty’s 45th Birthday soon? Did you know that there’s going to be a party in Second Life? Did you know there’s a beautifully decorated sim full of games to entertain you during this time? It’s okay if you didn’t. I didn’t know till I was told either and I screeched in delight. So now I’m passing the information on over to Yoooouu!…


Candy & Floss

I got invited to another collab post with Shy and naturally I was extreemly excited. She set up a beautiful scene, I was quite taken aback by how quick she was. Crazy. I wish I was that fast about anything. It takes me a long time of mulling over and tweaking and fussing. It was so nice to get to end out my year with another collab. It wasn’t planned.…

Home and Decor

A sweet little corner

I think I have said before just how much I love decorating in Second Life and if not for the images, our little sky platform would change on a weekly basis. So with that in mind I have taken to and really enjoy setting up little scenes and today‚Äôs little room is dedicated to the amazingly sweet and adorable things currently available at The Candy Fair with a supporting cast…