Fashion & Decor

Thriller on West Street

This is why is is advisable to not walk home by yourself on spooky Halloween nights. It is entirely inadvisable. Entirely. Unless of course you want to be accosted by a troupe of skeletal dancers intent on dragging you into their world of bone tingling, hip swaying dance moves. Even being a sweet unassuming three eyed-girl will not save you. Nothing and no one can. Not even in Second Life.…


A dose of Citrus

I am completely feeling my summer. I’ve been crazy about everything citrus for a whole week now. So here comes a nice citrus blast courtesy of my Virtual Bear girl. The Okinawa Summer Festival is around the corner and will be with us on the 2nd of August, are you ready? I know I am. Scroll down for some credits.   Credits Skin: [MoreMore] Hani Skin gacha – 7 genus…

Fashion & Decor

A Chinese New Year

Yesterday was Chinese new year and Ichi and I celebrated by playing dress up with our avatars! It was harder than I thought to find items for celebrating with or perhaps it was just that I didn’t know enough places. It was practically a god send to find the backdrop at Cosmopolitan. It was by Paparazzi and entirely just what we needed. Second we went down to Zenith’s store to…