Fashion & Decor

An afternoon’s mess

Hi! Happy Friday everyone, you seem to have caught bear at a disadvantage but she doesn’t at all look too put out to see you.   Featuring… ♡ Table and couch set: [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Hang out – RARE @Equal10 ♡ Digital clock: [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Wake up time! 1li @Equal10 ♡ Magazine, croissant and coffee set:  [Ionic] Just a Perfect Day – Breakfast…


A dose of Citrus

I am completely feeling my summer. I’ve been crazy about everything citrus for a whole week now. So here comes a nice citrus blast courtesy of my Virtual Bear girl. The Okinawa Summer Festival is around the corner and will be with us on the 2nd of August, are you ready? I know I am. Scroll down for some credits.   Credits Skin: [MoreMore] Hani Skin gacha – 7 genus…