Tossed to the roses

Today’s post is a simple one without too much preamble. That’s because I’m working on the next post right now. When I get into that creative mode I want to drop everything and get lost in that one thing only. I do however want to get this image up and out at the same time so watch out, the credits are coming up fast. Prepare yourself for some cuteness. Featuring…


Bunny hugs

It’s Friday and Friday’s should come with cuddly hugs as a rule. Let’s totally make it a rule, somewhere, somehow. It should also be filled with pink and happiness. Warmth too because it is ridiculously cold at the moment. Then fill it with Sims or Second Life for at least 2 uninterrupted hours. I am choosing Sims because I’ve been on Second Life for more than two hours already. I’ve…