Something sweet for you

Do you ever get those people where you ask for information and they take so long to get back to you or even answer the question at all? In other words they would rather take the time to make you feel like you’re working to get blood from stone rather than just help and make the whole process easier? then are the first to complain when it goes *something too…


A New Year!

Hi everybody, I hope your celebrations no matter how small have been lots of fun. It’s been weird but then I think it’s also been fun because we had a lot of time to come up with other things to do than we normally do. This New Year we celebrated on Animal Crossing and watched the countdown on TV Live too. I tried stuffing my face with twelve grapes before…

Fashion & Decor

Friends in dark places

Hi everybody, I think for the first time this week I am feeling a little less haranged. It isn’t necessarily that I have a reason to, there is still so much to do but I have decided not to worry about the things I can’t sort out right now, do the things I can do if I can and then take the rest of the time to relax. It is…