Pretty fantasy

I’ve had a short break simply because I’ve had to wait on a delivery for my computer . While I missed taking pictures and blogging horrendously I also realised, quite profoundly too, that I would not have gotten a single thing done in those days. Not a one.…

Fashion & Decor

A story like mine

Though this week is still at the beginning I have found that I already feel like it should be over. Does anyone else feel that way? I’ve been blown about by the wind and buffeted by my emotions. I want to continue to nap  longer than I can and I want to throw my alarm clock into the abyss when it yells at me to get up. I would like…

Home and Decor

A sweet little corner

I think I have said before just how much I love decorating in Second Life and if not for the images, our little sky platform would change on a weekly basis. So with that in mind I have taken to and really enjoy setting up little scenes and today’s little room is dedicated to the amazingly sweet and adorable things currently available at The Candy Fair with a supporting cast…