Its too warm down here

Guys, what kind of crazy times are these ??Everything is gone off the shelves and we are really just waiting for things to come back in stock.  I hope you are all doing well and you’ve managed to get enough food before people stripped the shelves bare. In the mean time I feel that it is most important to stay safe. I think, literally the only fun thing of this…


Bring the night

It’s Halloween, yay! It is finally time to get dressed up and scare the pants off each other. To eat spooky cake and eyeball sweets. I can’t believe October is at an end so quickly thought. It went by quickly probably because I was so busy for most of it. I wonder if we will get any trick or treaters. I live high up so we rare get anyone knocking.…


Want Some?

Today is much cooler and has been a lot kinder to me. I got to spend a lot more time at the computer without melting away. There are still some things I need to tie up on it but I am gradually getting through it now I don’t feel like rage quitting everything.…