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Molten gold

Collabor88 is opening today for a new round and I’ve featured some of the items in this C88 and Arcade mash up. Doesn’t it look like an intellectual’s sort of living space? I want to touch everything. I really love the magnifying glass on the table because it looks like something I saw at the Museum. I love all these old fashioned things. They always have a certain oldly worldly…


Tickled pink

Today’s post is a little late today because…it snowed! it finally snowed down in the South of England and predictably I got caught in it. Naturally I would have chosen to have brazened it out and not thought to check the weather forecast. After all, what does the weather man/woman know. They always get it wrong. They didn’t get it wrong today. I was absolutely soaked and frozen to the…

Fashion & Decor

Lingerie and Bliss

In life one of my favourate things is lingerie. It’s so intimately pretty. It can take you from sweet to daring in one swift change or leave you dangling on the precipiece. It’s lovely to touch and it’s a femininity shared only with yourself and should you choose to…someone else. Yet I like it simply because it is something I can keep close to my skin. I can be as…