Guys, I’m so sorry for the long (long for blogging anyway) absence. I am not going to lie to you, I am absolutely exhausted. I am so beaten by work I don’t know what way is up and what way is down. My Wednesday rolled into Friday without me really feeling much distinction in days. I usually do not work Fridays. I even worked on Saturday. My eyes feel crossed…



I like yellow because it makes me think of happy, sunny days and warmth. Everything is instantly brighter with a splash of yellow. Don’t you think? Music and bright colours that’s all you need. And food, of course. No one wants to be found withered away in a swatch of yellow fabric with youtube playing at full volume. It’s just not a cute look. It also sounds like no fun…


You’ll always be Pretty in Pink

I really do not know what to say today, you would think I would after all that’s happened today. I finally got to hold my new nephews. I got two boys, two twin boys. I’m screaming so hard. They are SO ridiculous cute. Their faces are like tiny little fuzzy peaches. They had tiny little tongues and tiny little eyes and tiny little fingernails on their tiny little fingers. They…