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Today is a credits only blog post which means you’ll be given the credits a lot earlier and without much blurb. It simply means you get to shopping a lot quicker so without too much preamble today’s post features some delectable items from Cubic Cherry and Stardust!   Featuring   Items from Cubic Cherry‘s ….gacha @ LOOTBOX (mar 28th to Apr 18th)  After the event please access at mainstore. Halo:…


Coming out of the dark

Today’s post features items from Sorumin’s gacha set at Lootbox and as today is a short post day I have gone straight in for the credits. Featuring The following items are by Sorumin & Yokai and from the  Winter song gacha available at LOOTBOX. Dress: 01 RARE [Sorumin & Yokai] Winter song GACHA – Dark dress (Maitreya Only) Bird feeder: 08 [Sorumin & Yokai] Winter song – Treats for birds…

Fashion & Decor

Which witch are you?

I’m the kind of witch that brings a cauldron full of sweeties as opposed to eye of newt or boiled heads and lizard tongues. I hop through hallow trees cackling in delight at all the bags and bags of candy that I’m going to give to  sweet-toothed humans. They will smile in delight and thank me for my kindness… Until their bellies are round and full and they are writhing…