Home and Decor

Christmas is seeping in

Are you running out of space for hiding your Christmas gifts in real life yet? It starts to get harder and harder to hide things away. I’m also on tenterhooks just waiting to put up the decorations. You start looking at them in advance. Arranging them and also planning what may go where. Perhaps you are even deciding to switch it up this year. I know I am. I’m even…

Home and Decor

Festivals past

Today’s home and decor image is from Ionic’s Moon Festival set a long with some items from the Apocathery gacha. The scene is taken inside a cupboard where all the memories have been shut away but the magic still thrives. Visible, tangable memories of fun, dancing and magical days. I have previously blogged some items from this set but here I have featured on those items only.   Featuring Ionic’s…