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Snow Fae

Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s image is a credits only post which means I won’t be talking too long, or in this case ‘writing too much’. I’m just going to be taking you through the look and what my thought process was in only a few sentences. It’s my turn to make dinner today and I’m going to make sure I have everything done before I get dragged away kicking and screaming.…

Fashion & Decor

Are you going to share those?

Bear’s just bought a new set of those new yummy bear shaped cookies she likes so much but she isn’t sure she wants to share. Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s definitely a month for sharing if not any other. The dilemma however is…’to share?’ or ‘not to share?’ While she struggles with the intricacies of being a good host, lets go through with the credits early.   Featuring The…