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Please let us out

I know what you’re thinking! What kind of horrible, uncaring, mean person could lock a Bear girl and her kin up in a dark dark cell with no food and only the softest, most comfortable stool to sit on. It’s inhumane I tell you. You are rightly incensed as am I. I mean look at that face. How could you lock up such a sad face. Now that you’ve caught…

Fashion & Decor

Come, look into my eyes

You’ll have to come a lot closer than that, silly. Yes, yes that’s perfectly fine right there. Now that you are closer and we are eye to eye, I have a secret to tell you. Are you ready to hear it? Good. Well, here it goes… I’m a witch and I know how to turn you into a chubby little frog.   Featuring ♡ Hair: [KMH Hair] F121 @Okinawa ♡…