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Kitchens come in pink too

They really really do. Aside from telling you about this important detail there isn’t too much to say today. I wanted to share today’s image with you and at the same time I am worn out from work. This combination means, you guessed it, it’s a credits only sort of day. Featuring ♡ Cooker: [KRR] Bunny’s story // cooking oven (white) RARE 4li {@Sanarae} ♡ Counter: [KRR] Bunny’s story //…

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My secret food hideaway

Sometimes in order to be left alone to your food hoard a bear must ascend a great height and set up residence with the food in a place where no other can reach. At least not before the food has been successfully consumed. A disguise is also called for so as not to appear recognisable to the friends that one may have to share the food bounty with. This bear’s…

Fashion & Decor

Down at the Bear Cafe

There’s a Bear girl falsely masquerading as a bunny, for shame! Brazenly teasing you in with Bear shaped burgers and delightful fries, drinks a plenty and tasty treats. I’ve been watching the little bear folk flock in to buy things and they eat with such relish I begin to wonder if there isn’t something to this quaint little cafe that just popped up on my land all of a sudden.…