Inappropriate use of a gym

I don’t think this is quite how I envisioned a gym post for myself but…yea…this is about accurate. I mean have you seen the cute burger and fries? How can you say no to that I mean it’s being balanced by the little probiotic right? Need more convincing? well then at some point exercise will be had. Heck, it might have already been done. Pass the sauce won’t you? A…



Today is a credits only post so please enjoy the quiet stillness, it will be a flurry of activity around here soon. Featuring Crown: [Cubic Cherry] The King is Dead Crown (with HUD) @Mainstore Outfit: [Sorumin] Snow Queen Dress (with skin & glow HUD)@Enchantment (runs till 2nd Dec.) Hair: [Ayashi] Kiomi Hair @Tannenbaum Background: [K&S] The Lost Cemetery   *all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review…

Fashion & Decor

My corner

The image above will take you to the HQ version on Flickr and below are the close up images. This is completely my aesthetic again. I absolutely love the fun colours option that Asteroid box has for the Kustom9 release. There’s a…