Fashion & Decor

Lost Cupcake

Hi everybody, I really had fun making today’s image. I haven’t had a play around with my favourate plushies in a while. I forget just how much I love to be surrounded by the cute little critters I adore. I’m also lost in fun shades of pink too. I really wanted my avatar to be in a standing position so that I could show off the dress to it’s full…

Fashion & Decor

Down at the Manga Cafe

Do you know, I enjoy doing large scenes. It ends up taking up all my time and I enjoy every minute of it. Then when I’ve finally sat back and thought…ok, we’re going with this…I then realise it’s going to take me hours to credit everything. This is one of those again. I love love love big busy scenes. They are the best things ever. I was meant to have…