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Let’s take it outside again

I enjoyed this scene, not just because it had plants and such and we all know I love plants. Bug free plants, just thought I ought to mention that, much like Blathers in Animal Crossing I can’t stand bugs. Anyway it wasn’t just that it was set out doors or that there are plants and seedlings but it was also the colours. The greens and the blues and the woods,…

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My little tuck shop

Right in the corner of my garden and built only for two. As I am but one you may join and make it two. Featuring The following listed items are from the current round of Seasons Story (after the event you may find the items located at the respective stores which have also been linked) Cabin: [Vibes] My Tiny Cabin – Bohemian 10li Stones and reeds: [Roots] Feather Reed Grass…