Home and Decor

Artist’s Clutter

Today’s credit only post is a Home and Decor one featuring items from Ionic, Spell and a lovely supporting cast. If you are anything like me, you don’t stay in your virtual home long enough to worry about things like being able to move around. I’m either on a platform building or I’m off out in the virtual world shopping or exploring. This is why it is titled ‘Artist’s Clutter.…

Home and Decor

The Invitation Part 2

You’ve been re-invited, welcome to the living room. Please do make yourself comfortable.   The Living Room This is decorated with items from Ionic’s  Where? and C’est La Vie gachas as well as Spell’s May gacha Sofa: ionic – where is my sofa? (white) 6Li Writing Desk: ionic – where is my desk? 7Li Telephone (wall): ionic – where is my phone? 3Li Picture frame: ionic – where is my…