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You are Trespassing

“…and we have special ways of dealing with ‘trespassers“ Here’s another story themed picture that I just had fun with. It’s probably worth noting that if you see shenanigans going on in a rundown, abandoned building it’s probably not worth ducking in to take a look. You might run into all sorts of dangers including supernatural going ons that don’t concern you. She doesn’t even look impressed to find you…


Station Underground

Although I finished letting you know about the fun things at Sanarae, there is still this really cute outfit I fell in love with and wanted to show before the round ends. It’s by Dolly Daydream and it’s also a reminder to get over there before the round changes over. You haven’t got too much longer so, what do you say? This picture was nothing but ‘just doing fun stuff…


A summer stroll

One of the fun things about being on summer holiday for me is getting to walk down the unfamiliar, to me, streets. I get to stare at all the new shops and buildings, ones I don’tusually get to see and imagine what it might be like to live there. I get to feel like a tourist for a few days before I have to return to my ‘usual’ environs. Today’s…