I decided to mix pink and yellows and blues together because if you don’t try, how on earth will you know if colours complement each other. I like it. I think they work well together…of course it has nothing to do with them being my favourate colours anyway. Whatever are you implying, my suspicious grin? oh that happens, you’ll learn to ignore it. It’s Monday! What did you all get…

Fashion & Decor

But…these are my things

Today I am featuring one of my newest stores, Cheezu. If I’m honest, I was bowled over by the acceptance. I didn’t really think I would be accepted but I tried anyway because you can’t be upset about not getting something you really want if you never even tried right? If you tried and failed, that’s different. You can try again but you’re also fully entitled to be sad about…


Deer Pink

When things come in pink they are usually the best things in the world. When I saw these cute legs from Sweet Thing I was in awe. When I saw pink was one of the colours I screamed the roof off. Okay…so I exaggerate. The roof is still on. Barely. Featuring ♡ Horns: [Sweet Thing] Nature’s Crown – Ornamented {@Mainstore} ♡ Ears: [Sweet Thing] Nara Ears (Bento and Static, Rigged…