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Come, look into my eyes

You’ll have to come a lot closer than that, silly. Yes, yes that’s perfectly fine right there. Now that you are closer and we are eye to eye, I have a secret to tell you. Are you ready to hear it? Good. Well, here it goes… I’m a witch and I know how to turn you into a chubby little frog.   Featuring ♡ Hair: [KMH Hair] F121 @Okinawa ♡…

Fashion & Decor

Down to the record shop

Today was much better on the weather front and in fact the day looked much like today’s image. It was sunny even if it felt brisk and it was a huge improvement on yesterday. I had been incredibly reluctant to get out of bed this morning simply because I was experiencing stiff muscles from having been snowed all over and half frozen the day before. I still spent most of…

Fashion & Decor

A Christmas Miracle

Happy Friday everybody! today was one of those rare occasions where all things line up and all is right in the world. It’s particularly special because not only were my friends on but the bears had also come to visit and in an amazing aligning of planets, some of the stores I blog for released items today at the very same time. So I got to incorporate a lot of…